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Parent Checklist of Child Care

Do you need a new child care provider? Are you contemplating different types of providers? This checklist is a helpful list of minimum standards for any child-care provider, whether Family Child Care or any other type.

Monday Morning Moms® providers definitely meet these minimum standards and offer more.

  • They will give warm, loving care and guidance to your child.
  • They work with you and your family to make sure your child learns and grows socially and emotionally.

They have homes that keep your child safe, secure and happy in an atmosphere that allows your child to grow mentally and physically. Print out this checklist and take it with you when you interview possible providers for your child.


Provider has a Good Health note from a licensed physician.
Provider has had a negative Mantoux test (TB).
There is a ‘sick child’ policy.
There is a consent form for emergency medical care.
There are written permission slips for administering medicine.

Home Safety

Cabinets containing hazardous materials are locked.
Safety Plugs cover unused electrical outlets.
Provider has Smoke Detectors on every level of her home.
Provider has posted emergency telephone numbers near her phone.
Provider has First Aid supplies readily available.
Provider’s pets comply with all local health codes

Home Environment

Home is tidy.
More than adequate indoor play space.
More than adequate outdoor play space.
There are age appropriate toys in the home.
There is a curriculum with age appropriate activities.
Adequate nap area.


Provider is a member of a PROFESSIONAL network.
Provider has signed a criminal disclosure statement.
Provider has good language skills.
Provider participates in on-going training sessions.
Backup care is assured by the network.
Provider has an Emergency Substitute care-giver.
Provider has written references.


Provider has an open door policy.
There are written permission slips for car travel.
Provider is covered with liability insurance.


Provider holds babies while bottle feeding.
Provider serves nutritious table food.
Provider uses appropriate means of limit setting.
Provider is willing to provide daily information on the child.

Chilcare Checklist for Parents

Child care

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